Monday, December 29, 2008

I took a few days off after all the Christmas rush. I needed to re-energize! I had a little photo session with Madison and Catherine on Christmas Eve. Here are a few of the better pictures:
I love this one of me with the girls. Madison had chocolate face most of the day. As you know, there was no snow in Florida this year. So we got out the fake snow and played like there was...... The girls had a blast. Madison kept asking for more. After we played in the snow, I got out the fairy wings! Here are my sweet little fairies......

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I did a "Star Book" class for select family and friends at Debbie's house. We had a great time, and all the books turned out beautiful. I didn't take any pictures, but I will get a picture of mine soon. I was able to finish up my shopping and pick Catherine up for another night of bonding. I had a great time with the girls last night. We sang Christmas songs, made Reindeer food, dipped pretzels in chocolate, and baked chocolate chip cookies. Sonny and the girls had fun tormenting each other and climbing all over him. They love to get grandpa!
Making reindeer food, they can't wait to sprinkle this out on the lawn to entice Santa's reindeer. Here they are making the chocolate chip cookies. They turned out so yummy! Santa will love them, if there are any left. This is what a bowl full of hand dipped pretzels and chocolate chip cookies look like after the kitchen is cleaned and the little ones have a bath!
Here is the food for Santa's magical reindeer.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Only three days left to get 10% off the retired list of stamps.
Here is a little K&Company scrapbook that I made for Debbie's birthday.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Celebrated Christmas with family on Saturday. We gathered at Dad's to share good food, gifts, and company with friends and family. Everything went very well. Dad was in good spirits and the food was great. Thank you Jeff and Laura for pulling it all together for us.
We picked Catherine up on Friday and returned her Sunday evening. We picked Madison up Sunday morning and we will return her on Christmas Eve. Her daycare is closed for the whole week.
Here is the other flip book that I finished this week.
Have a great day..... get the shopping finished.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Schools Out!!!!!! I intend to fully enjoy my two weeks off. Mattie's daycare will be closed next week, so I'll have her for about three days. We will find something to do, I'm sure.
I completed two flip books, a dozen Giant Cookies, and a small scrapbook over the last few days. Like I said "Late Nights". I finished four candy boxes this afternoon too!
The cookies I made last night were the Giant Chocolate Chip. I think these are my favorite of all the flavors.
Here is a picture of all the cookies completed.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Here are the last of the Christmas Card Exchange. All the cards are just beautiful, thank you for participating in my card exchange.
Tonight I got busy! I baked a batch of Giant Sugar Cookies. Once they were cool, I stamped 5" x 5" CD/DVD envelopes and made belly bands for them. They are so adorable and the cookies fit in them perfectly. These are such a simple Christmas gift.
Margi came over to stamp with me tonight. I finished the cookies, and made two double Snowman Soups. I did this by packaging the ingredients for the snowman soup in a cup. I put about ten mini-marshmallows in a small cellophane bag and tied it with a ribbon. Then I put two hot chocolate mixes, the marshmallows, two candy canes, and two Hershey Kisses in the cup. Then I packaged the cups in a large cellophane bag and tied it ribbon.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I hope you are enjoying the Christmas card exchange samples. They are great cards from great stampers. Here are a few more:

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I enjoyed my weekend. I didn't get any crafting done. Madison and I did a little shopping Saturday evening and then we stayed up watching Open Season. Sonny, JP, and Tammy went camping. Here are a few pictures of Madison helping me make a batch of oatmeal cookies for her to share with her classmates. She was very proud of them. I will be sharing the Christmas Card Exchange cards with you this week. It takes some time to get them uploaded, so I'll do a few each day until I have shared all of them with you.
Most of you did not put your name inside your exchange card, so I will not attempt to identify them. You did a fantastic job, I'm excited to see you out there using all those wonderful stamps and designer papers. Thanks for participating.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I've added two new PDF files on the right. Go to My Store and click on the new links.
I have had a very busy week so far. We had Monday night club and I taught a class at Priceless last night. It went very well, so I guess I teach something for her again next month. Here are a few thing that I made over the last few day, weeks, whatever. I can't keep up with time anymore...
Here are some of the jars of coffee creamer. These are the Chocolate Mint and the Malted flavors.
I got my first Christmas card last week. This one is from Selda

Gibbons. Is this not just as cute as it can be. I love getting handmade cards. Thank you Selda!